We are distributors of Bondtech products to the UK and IRE

Wanhao D6 Bondtech kit

We are distributors of Bondtech products to the UK and IRE

The big news of the week is that we are now the UK and Ireland exclusive distributors to all the Bondtech products.

Bondtech extruders have understandably revolutionised the reliability and speed of printing using filaments.

The team have a series of mounts to allow adapting the parts to any prosumer quality printer that are freely available from us or from Bondtech directly.

Now, flexible and squishy filaments can be printed at higher speeds and without rubbing thanks to the dual drive mechanism. The drive consists of specifically designed hardened gears to allow long life even when extruding the most demanding materials.

As a true sign of quality, each extruder is shipped with a sample length of PLA demonstrating the effectiveness of the dual drive system.

You can find all the extruders and spares on our webstore. To date, apart from the Universal extruder, Bondtech have released kits for the ever popular Wanhao i3, the new Raise 3D, the Ultimakers and to ensure we didn’t miss out, our favourite BCN3D Sigma.

Should you wish to be part or our resellers group or use the extruders in your own builds, cool! Get in touch for more information. We would love to hear from you!

The mechanism behind the QR’s success are these two carefully designed gears. They are CNC machined and hardened to ensure precision and a long service life.

Sharp teeth may drastically improve your print quality!

See how effortlessly you can now print Ninjaflex.

Bondtech gear pair

The Bondtech extruders have been designed with versatility and forward compatibility in mind. As such they can be used:

  • Convert direct fed machines to bowden
  • Replace existing extruders on both bowden and direct drive printers
  • In combination with any E3D extruder

Click on the image to see how this is done

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