Introducing The SYIL X11 CNC Mill – New for 2022!

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Introducing The SYIL X11 CNC Mill – New for 2022!

For those that are looking for a larger machine, but also want the benefits of the Epoxy Granite casting, value for money, and a machine loaded with options, we introduce the SYIL X11 CNC Mill.

New for 2022, the first machines sold out in weeks! Despite the travel size, the footprint remains reasonable and the rapids as high as on smaller machines. Fully featured as standard, the X11 offers a great starting point for multi axis work.

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The New X11

SYIL’s X11 vertical machining center is tailored to each customer’s need for high productivity and designed to reduce cost per part without compromising quality.

SYIL X11 CNC milling Machine

Spindle With Cooling

The all new SYIL X11 includes a top-quality 10kPRM BT-40 spindle with cooling system. The standard high capacity cooling system outperforms the competition.

syil x 11 spindle

Made With The Best Components

Manufactured using the best-in-class components. The mineral casting machine frames by SCHNEEBERGER, and linear motion guides made by THK.

SYIL X11 Components

Why Emvio?

Emvio are the exclusive partner to SYIL in the UK. Since 2019 we have been providing the best service possible in the purchase and support of SYIL CNC Machines. Whether you require training, technical advice or additional support, we are here to help you make the most of your investment.

More Value Than The Competition

Emvio Engineering has been working with SYIL Machine Tools since 2019. As of 2022, there has been a move away from the traditional Cast Iron machine bodies, in favour of the more sustainable and beneficial Epoxy Granite. (Read our blog post on the benefits of a Mineral Casting Frame).

The manufacturing partners of the castings are world renowned Swiss experts in their field – SCHNEEBERGER AG. This move has also made SYIL’s offering a more premium one, capable of holding its own against some of the more established competitors.

Installation And Ongoing Service

Our machines are built to last, however getting them set up correctly and servicing them are both crucial to  ensuring accurate parts and reliable operation. Installation and training on-site is offered to those that need it as is a service contract fulfilled by our trusted partners.

Even our customers who install and commission their own machines, we can support them through the whole process.

Expert Support

With many years of experience in CNC, CAD, CAM and all forms of manufacturing tech, Emvio Engineering will be able to assist you with complex projects, designs and of course in bringing your products to market.

We don’t just sell machines, we provide solutions.

At Emvio, with every product we supply, we go the extra mile. Need extra features on your machine not offered by the factory? Let’s have a chat!

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