Emvio Engineering products

  • Techna PET-G 2.85mm Filament – 750g

    5.00 out of 5
    Our most versatile engineering filament is arguably the Techna PET-G 2.85mm filament. As it is amorphous by nature, PET-G has an almost transparent look with can translate nicely if care is paid to the extrusion temperature. Our PET-G offers reliable printing with good mechanical properties so you can expect the benefits of printing with both PLA and ABS rolled into one cool spool! Check out the colours below!
    £23.33 £18.33
  • Chroma PLA – Premium Filament 2.85mm 1kg

    5.00 out of 5
    Chroma PLA 2.85mm Premium Filament 1kg is our own brand premium PLA 2.85mm diameter. No more snapped filament during that long print! Comes on a transparent spools as standard, in a variety of exciting colours. Yes, it is a true 1kg spool! As always free UK shipping included in our price!Select your colour from the drop down menu below. New colours will be available shortly too.
    £20.83 £16.67
  • Chroma ABS – Premium Filament 2.85mm 1kg

    0 out of 5
    If you need more than just PLA to make a tough as well as pretty print, then Chroma ABS 2.85mm- Premium Filament filament may be your choice. Although more demanding to get the temperatures for extrusion and bed adhesion right, ABS has the benefit of allowing easy acetone vapour smoothing and superb toughness to stress. Remember to use these in a well ventilated area!Select your Chroma ABS - Premium Filament 2.85mm 1kg colour from the dropdown menu 
    £20.83 £12.50