• Techna SuperNylon – Nylon 500g

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    Techna SuperNylon is a specially blended nylon filament that we hope will be used where there is need for light but tough applications. Perfect for prosthetics and engineering part printing. Black and transparent nylon available to order too!
  • Techna Polyprop-EP, Polypropylene filament – 500g

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    Polyprop-EP is our own brand premium quality but well priced Polypropylene filament. Prints very well, with good adhesion between layers. This material is as hydrophobic as it gets! May take some getting used to though as very few materials like to stick to Polypropylene but we found that clear packaging tape (!) and gluestick work well. The materials inherent flexibility and elasticity make it the ideal choice for living hinges, tupperware and other similar applications.Print at temperatures 230-250 °C. This should make some very nice dishwasher and microwave safe useful items. 
  • Techna Crystal Clear Filament – 500g

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    The Techna Crystal clear Filament is special. Firstly it prints transparent to translucent. Secondly it is food contact approved, thirdly it does not craze when stressed. Wonder what you would print with this lovely material.
  • Techna PET-G 2.85mm Filament – 750g

    5.00 out of 5
    Our most versatile engineering filament is arguably the Techna PET-G 2.85mm filament. As it is amorphous by nature, PET-G has an almost transparent look with can translate nicely if care is paid to the extrusion temperature. Our PET-G offers reliable printing with good mechanical properties so you can expect the benefits of printing with both PLA and ABS rolled into one cool spool! Check out the colours below!
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