• Techna Polyprop-EP, Polypropylene filament – 500g

    0 out of 5
    Polyprop-EP is our own brand premium quality but well priced Polypropylene filament. Prints very well, with good adhesion between layers. This material is as hydrophobic as it gets! May take some getting used to though as very few materials like to stick to Polypropylene but we found that clear packaging tape (!) and gluestick work well. The materials inherent flexibility and elasticity make it the ideal choice for living hinges, tupperware and other similar applications.Print at temperatures 230-250 °C. This should make some very nice dishwasher and microwave safe useful items. 
  • Techna CarbLoaded PET – 500g

    0 out of 5
    Take our PET-G, mix in 20% by weight carbon fibre and you you get a CarbLoaded PET. This pooch is no handbag pooch at all! Abrasive to standard nozzles but toughness and stiffness to beat a fair few well known names in the business. Prints nicely at typical PET-G temperatures and due to the low thermal expansion coefficient, can be printed at low bed temperatures too!Combine this with the Olsson ruby of your choice and never worry about worn nozzles again 
  • Techna ASA-EP 1.75mm Filament – 750g

    5.00 out of 5
    Let's stop playing and get serious. ASA-EP 2.85mm Filament is our superbly modified “industrial-grade” filament. Designed to be UV resistant and benefit from our Easy Print additives! The reliable bed adhesion will ensure a smooth printing experience. ASA-EP is perfect when you are looking for beautiful and strong prints that also last outside in the elements and under stress.