Product developement

Product development

Between us we have more than 15 years of product design and development. Our team consists of 2 PhD level trained engineers, knowledgeable in the use of CAD, FEA, CNC, CAM and GD&T. With our skills we can help you in design of commercial products or even machines for your own company. Our primary focus is on the mechanical side however we have strong ties with some extremely competent electrical electronic engineers.

To date we have worked on a number of our on products, consumer products and machinery modification and design.

We can assist with:

  • Market research
  • Design and specification definition
  • Relevant regulation research
  • Engineering drawing production
  • Sourcing and manufacturing
  • CE Marking
Rotor drawing product developement project Emvio

The process

To start or collaboration, contact us through the contact form on this page. The more information you add the easier it will be to help you. We can then proceed with the following:

  • Budget estimation
  • Requirement document drafting
  • Specification definition
  • Scope of work and delivery documentation
  • Quotation

Please note that due to the amount of work required for the writing of the Scope of work and quotation, a nominal fee will be charged. This fee will go toward your deposit and is non-refundable.


Each project is different and as such will be quoted only after careful consideration. We will produce quotes based on our estimates of time and resources.

Manufacturing jobs completed by us, on our machines will be quoted on a part basis. You can source your own materials should you wish to reduce costs but please be sure of what you supply to us.

Typically our hourly fee is £45 (+VAT) which may differ depending on the task at hand.

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