BCN3D + (Plus) 3D printer kit

BCN3D + (Plus) 3D printer kit

The Sigma’s baby brother. A fantastically built kit for those interested in putting their own printer together. The plus is an open source modular printer designed and developed by BCN3D Technologies.


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The kit includes all the tools and material you will need to put together your machine prepared and calibrated, making the build as correct as possible, not easy but well thought out. The BCN3D+ is a machine intended to be upgraded to satisfy the needs of its user, prime candidate for upgrade using our dampers and Drylin bearings. BCN3D also offer a paste extruder, for experimenting with thick materials such as ceramic, plaster or cement. Ever thought of printing an easter egg in chocolate, or a Yoda!
Thanks to its lack of exoskeleton, the BCN3D+ allows the user watch all the printing process, layer by layer. This detail makes it a perfect machine for easy learning. We hope that these kits inspire schools to set up 3D printing workshops in the not to distance future.
No Prusa clone would be complete without a hot bed, which allows it to print in any available filament material known (PLA, ABS, Nylon, Filaflex, etc.-). The build surface as per usual is borosilicate glass for ease of maintenance.

Due to space restraints at the time of publishing, we are not able to hold stock in the UK…yet. Delivery time however is around a week so don’t let that put you off!

Please get in touch for more info.

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