BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer – R17

BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer – R17


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The BCN3D Sigma R17 finally here! The Sigma is able to 3D print with very high accuracy and speed even your most demanding of designs. Its reliability and fantastic design will make it the jewel and workhorse of your work space at a very competitive price tag. The truly innovative Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) technology will allow you to 3D print with two material, such as PLA and water soluble support material or two colors without the associated hustle of complex nozzle –bed leveling and ooze control.

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We first came across the Sigma when the Disruptive wrote an article on BCN3D technologies. At the time we were eagerly awaiting the release of their products to the rest of the European market. In the beginning of 2016, we were lucky enough to purchase one of the first ever Sigmas to land in the UK and have since been communicating with the team in Barcelona giving the engineers our views and suggesting improvements.

Our own printer is being used to produce prototypes for our customers and it has proven to be a true workhorse.

As we have shown in our blog, it is one of the very few printers on the market that is based on linear rails as opposed to round guides. Surprisingly the carriages that are used on it are very low friction. Coming from a background in constructing CNC machines we instantly saw this as a sign of general robustness.


However this is not what stands out when you first see the printer. There are two printing heads that are able to move independently of each other meaning the x axis motors are not called to accelerate heavy assemblies for each movement. This allows the acceleration of the axis to be set at a higher value during tuning. Bottom line, the printer is able to produce accurate and fine details. Each head is bowden fed independently with 3mm filament giving a very high material deposition rate.

When it comes to calibration of the heads to make them print parallel and square to each other, it could not be easier. It is all done through a very intuitive and precise method similar to that inkjet printers use. Just look at the instructional video! The build plate has is a borosilicate sheet glass that is held in place using three magnets allowing you re remove it without accidentally disturbing the kinematics or bed level.

Instead of the usual dial that other similar printers have, the Sigma incorporates a full color, 480 x 320 pixel LCD touchscreen, best of all it is accurate responsive and immediate. All the actions you will need to operate your printer are coded in to guide you through Bed Leveling, Printhead Calibration or Loading and Unloading filament.

Here are the Sigma’s technical specifications of note:

Print Volume:210x297x210mmControl interface:Capacitive touch screen LCD
Extruders:2 independent headsConnectivity:USB/ SD Card
Nozzles:0.4 as standardMains electric supply:84-240AC 50-60Hz
Filament feed:Bowden through PTFE tubePower rating:240W
Filament diameter:2.8-3mm
Layer height:0.05-0.30 with 0.4mm nozzle
Positioning resolution:0.0125mm in X and Y
0.001mm in Z
Max extruder  Temp:280oC (536oF)
Data input format:GCode


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