E3D Hotend Upgrade – BCN3D Sigma

E3D Hotend Upgrade – BCN3D Sigma

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As BCN are now supplying upgrade hotends, we will only be supplying our SLS parts when sufficient order quantities are collected. You can purchase the E3D metal only hotend kits to save cost. Thank you to all that bought our kits previously.




Fitting this kit requires reasonable technical ability in mechanical, electrical and also firmware of 3D printers. Although steps have been taken to ensure the process is a smooth one, the risk of damage to your printer exists. Installation also will void your warranty with BCN3D or your local reseller and we are unable to cover you for damage caused during the installation.

We strongly recommend that you have a good working printer before attempting to upgrade. If you printer is not performing for any reason, please consult BCN3D or your reseller before considering upgrading. We test all the turnkey printers extensively before upgrading them!

Orders for the SLS parts have been placed so hang tight for the actual photos.

We uhmmed and arred about launching the E3D Hotend Upgrade for BCN3D Sigma, but seeing the demand from a number of professional organisations as well as individuals, it was time to let the greater public be able to easily ask us for them.

To date, we have been offering turnkey solutions for the upgrade where customers have requested that they receive the machines ready to go. This does come with a price to cover the labour costs as well as warranty of the service.

With the E3D V6 hotends, the Bondtech QR extruders and our own design of mounting hardware, you can turn your otherwise perfect Sigma into a a machine with the best in class hardware.

With the exchange of the hotend to E3D, there is the option to convert your machine to use 1.75mm filament as well. Such a kit was first created for a customer in Japan doing what we feel is a huge service to that country! Customers that have 1.75mm printers already have also been asking for this. The question of course of 1.75mm as a Bowden has been asked and we are happy to say that due to the reliability of both the hotends and the Bondtech Extruders, the system works impressively well.

The video below shows a conversion we completed for a customer in Switzerland being tested using a 0.25mm nozzle. The print is the hollow Draudi model to demonstrate the retraction speed capability of the upgraded machine.

So in the kit you will receive:

  • 2x Nylon SLS hotend holders
  • 4x M3x0.5-20 socket cap screws

You can reuse the existing screws heater cartridge thermistor, and fans.

As of firmware version 1.2.7 it is a rather painful process to produce the modified Marlin HEX files. We thus suggest that you reuse the original thermistor and heater cartridge that came with your Sigma.

For the machine to function correctly, you will need complete the temperature PID Tuning program.

Full instructions will be made available as soon as we are able to take photos.

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2.85mm kit, 1.75mm kit

1 review for E3D Hotend Upgrade – BCN3D Sigma

  1. 5 out of 5


    I had the older version of this kit but also printed in SLS

    why to go to E3Dv6?
    1/ reliable,
    2/ easy to find spare parts cheap and more efficient (heater block in copper + nickel, heatbreak in twinclad…)
    3/ the hot end’s problems disappear
    4/ you can upgrade to OLSSON RUBY, (only this point justify to buy the EMVIO kit) 😉

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