Creality CR-10S, 3D Printer, All sizes

Creality CR-10S, 3D Printer, All sizes

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By popular demand… we can now offer you the one machine that can be considered as the epitomy of “value”. The Creality CR-10S! The CR-10S offers affordable large scale 3D Printing that has been praised by many a YouTube star.
Of course you can find the Bondtech Kit here

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The Creality CR-10S  has evolved around the tried and tester i3-style frame and benefits from a heated print bed as every self respecting 3D Printer should.

Control of the printer is done through the typical LCD screen and knob combination while gcode is transfered via SD-card or USB. Compatibility of course is not an issue since the CR-10 and CR-10S are fully compatible with Cura, Simplify3D, Craftware, KiSSicler, Slic3R and all the others too.

It goes without saying that all our 1.75mm materials are also compatible with the CR-10S but you may not want to run Real Heavy Metal or Carbloaded PET through the brass nozzles.

The machine comes in a kit form. This means you will need to get your allen key set out to finish putting it together, but should be running within 10 minutes.

The Cr-10S also incorporates a filament sensor that could save many a print especially on larger volume prints. If the filament runs out (or snaps), it will alarm and stop, continuing when more is fed in.

The newer versions also run on dual Z axis lead screws in order to ensure correct vertical translation of the gantry.

Be sure to select one of the three sizes of CR-10s that suits you needs as they come in:

  • 300mmx300mmx400mm
  • 300mmx300mmx400mm
  • and a whopping 500mmx500mmx500mm!

As mentioned above, you can upgrade this machine with the specific Bondtech kit that can be added to your cart by clicking below

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CR-10S(300x300x400), CR-10S4(400x400x400), CR-10S5(500x500x500)

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Emvio were extremely helpful, and importantly the CR-10S4 that they supply is the latest spec unlike a number on the market in the UK. It is NOT the touchscreen model (which is a good thing as it can be problematic), and it has an insulated heated bed and is fitted with the strain relief for the bed heating cable as standard, plus the firmware is set up for bed levelling at the centre and the corners (important as any heated bed will move a little up and down between the centre and the perimeter). Highly recommended supplier!

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