FlashForge Hunter DLP – Dental and Jewellery quality

FlashForge Hunter DLP – Dental and Jewellery quality

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As we have been asked about prosumer grade resin machines a fair bit lately, we have been able to start offering the FlashForge Hunter DLP 3D Printer. It improved since the first models, it now offers great value for money to jewellers and dental laboratories with accuracy to boot.

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The FlashForge Hunter is a DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D Printer, which allow user to to a print a 3D model in highly-detail. Photopolymer resin is adopted as a printing material for Hunter DLP 3D printer. As it can 3D print a whole layer of 3D model at one time, the printing time is generally consumed less than that of the SLA 3D printer.

Neverending Resin Choice

The FlashForge ​Hunter DLP 3D Printer is compatible with any DLP compatible resins. You thus have more flexibility to try different types as castable, tough, biocompatible, semiflex, ceramic filled etc etc. Why limit yourself with proprietary materials?  After all you will be buying the ​Hunter DLP 3D Printer for making tough highly detailed engineering prototype, castable ring model, or even making medical models (teeth…brrr).

New optics

FlashForge Hunter DLP 3D printer uses a bespoke Full HD 1080p resolution light engine tuned to a wavelength of 405nm, which can ensure more stable LED intensity and better printing quality.


lndustrial Z axis LM guide actuator module enables very fine Z axis movement and exceptionally good layer height accuracy. The result is a really smooth surface finish and small detail resolution.


The Hunter has a easy to remove resin vat facilitating change over of material and ensure little material waste. Made from aluminium the resin vat requires no maintenance. The long lasting FEP vat film can easily be replaced.


The build plate can be replaced quickly and there is no need for calibration. That means faster printing speed and easier to do post treatment.


Simple and intuitive user interface that is super easy to use.


Advanced architecture mainboard and self-developed proprietary light engine work together perfectly. Dual-core 800 MHz ARM processor ensures high-performance and better user experience. The mainboard is designed and made in 10-layer high precision board, safeguarding EMC, the integrity and the stability of the projection signal.


3D Printer Model Name FlashForge Hunter
3D Printing Technology DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Printing Size 120 × 67.5 × 150 mm (L x B xH)
Z axis layer height 25/50 µm (0.025 / 0.05 mm)
X-Y axis resolution 62.5 µm (0.0625 mm)
Light source 405 nm LED; 50,000 hours life span
3D Printing Software FlashPrint
3D File format STL
Connectivity USB Cable, USB Stick, Wi-Fi
Printer dimensions 360 x 310 x 565 mm
Printer weight 17.8 kg
Power 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 1A
FlashForge Hunter
FlashForge Hunter

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
3DPrinting Process



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