Olsson Ruby – MK8 type 1.75mm


Olsson Ruby – MK8 type 1.75mm

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Always looking to supply the best, we now have stock of the MK8 nozzle type Olsson Rubies! Check below for compatibility. This nozzle is not afraid of glass filled, carbon filled or even metal filled filaments but completely compatible with non-filled materials too. You will only ever need to change nozzle if you want a larger extrusion width!


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The only nozzle series you need!

As you know our goal at Emvio Engineering is not to shift boxes. We want to stock unique and value adding items. This is the reason why we are now working with Olsson Ruby to bring the most hardwearing nozzle to the UK!

The Olsson Ruby is an invention by Anders Olsson, the man that gave the Ultimaker community the Olsson Block. The back story of the Olsson Ruby is one that has inspired us and as one member of our team is well versed in hard metals and materials, it really hit home how elegant the nozzle is.

The Olsson Ruby consists of a precision machined threaded brass body and a perfectly ground ruby tip. Rubies, being aluminium oxide, is extremely hard wearing but unlike some of the other ceramic equivalents has a better thermal conductivity. Best of all, the processes involved in machining it have been established for centuries. Ruby is the watchmakers hard material of choice for jewel bearings after all.

Take a look at the results of tests conducted with carbon filled filament:

Sigma nozzle extruded 0.3kg
Sigma nozzle extruded 0.3kg of filament before being so worn
A stainless nozzle lasted on 1kg
Common misconception - Stainless does not mean hard. This one lasted only 1kg of CF filament
Hardened steel lasted on 4kg
The classic hardened steel nozzles fared ok extruding 4kg of carbon filled

Here is a testimonial from one of our friends and customer Darren K, as posted on Olssonruby.com.  (Darren also purchased a full set of upgrades for his BCN3D Sigma.)

First, I tried a few hardened nozzles and I had thermal issues. I also did try steel but it was like putting my finger in the air to find new standard print parameters each time.

Now, I use the Olsson Ruby and I’m a big fan.The main benefit for it is that i don’t have to worry about a moving target. Once I have things dialed in for the nozzle diameter, that’s where it’ll stay. Normal brass is a variable as it gets worn down and over time that is troublesome when creating parts that have very specific fit qualities.”Darren Keirle, UK, Feb 28th, 2017

The 2.85mm Olsson ruby is compatible with the following products in our range:

Some of the printers that accept the MK8 Olsson Rubies:

  • Creality CR-10
    Creality Ender 2
    Creality Ender 3
    Makerbot Replicator 2/2X
    Makerbot Replicator Smart Extruder
    SeeMeeCNC Artemis *4
    SeeMeeCNC Rostock Max V3
    Monoprice mini V1
    Monoprice mini V2

Additional information

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3.5 cm
Filament diameter


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  1. 5 out of 5

    claudio.f (verified owner)

    really really great work on cr10 s4 (modified with micro swiss hot end for cr10 and bltouch)

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