RepBox V2.1 Filament Storage Solution


RepBox V2.1 Filament Storage Solution

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One of THE best filament storage systems ever conceived is now IN Europe! Yes the Repbox, in a special version made for the UK and European/EU markets. Select your version from the dropdown menu and add any further accessories by selecting the relevant links below. Fully compatible with all our FFF printers and of course designed with the Palette 2 and Prusa MMU in mind. For customisation, please get in touch.


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  • New Features For Version 2.1:
    • Higher capacity: Now holds up to six full kilogram spools with widths up to 78mm!
    • Now fits 5 full size spool rewinders for better Prusa MMU2/2s compatibility! – Not included as standard but you can print your own, link below
    • Mosaic Palette 2 direct feed mode: Set your Palette 2 directly atop your RepBox and feed directly into the base of the unit.
    • Fully configurable filament exit points: Front or back, top or bottom!
    • Vastly improved sealing
    • New reinforced single access door design
    • New heavy duty continuous metal hinge
    • New optional dehumidifier kit
    • Stronger than ever! Reinforced lid, sides, and base
    • Even Faster and Easier Assembly
    • Optional Lighting Kit Coming Soon

    Tame your wild piles of filament with Repkord RepBox 2 filament management system! Place on a shelf or on the desktop next to your printer or with the optional wall mount kit you can easily hang your box above and out of the way for even better space efficiency. Prusa MMU1/2/2s, Mosaic Palette 1/ Palette 2, Chameleon, E3D Toolchanger or other Multi-Material system compatible! Holds 6 standard kilogram spools up to 78mm wide or up to 12 narrower spools with additional rollers. Roller system is fully adjustable to allow for spools of all different widths and diameters up to 240mm (~9.5 in.)

    Dimensions: 498mm Wide x 315mm High x 315mm Deep (Approx 19″ Wide x 12.5″ High, 12.5″ Deep).

    Choose from either black or the optional clear acrylic main panelling. Non-acrylic versions include a solid 1/4″ double sided scratch resistant melamine panel. Want something a little less plain? Upgrade to one of our popular side panel designs or customize your own. Custom panels with your company/makerspace/school logo are available along with optional locking, stacking, and dehumidifying kits.

    While the base model of RepBox is not a dry box it does provide reasonably adequate protection from moisture when desiccant packets are placed inside or choose to upgrade to our dehumidifier kit for additional filament protection. Comes flat packed as a kit with all parts needed to assemble.

    Includes all the connectors, plugs, and rollers needed for 6 spools. Additional spool kits and tubing may also be ordered as needed.


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Standard, Carbon Fibre Look, Acrylic


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