Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit – DualDirect upgrade


Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit – DualDirect upgrade

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If there is one upgrade to do to any Raise3D printer, it is to change the extruders to Bondtech. Now even better than ever we offer you the new and improved dual extruding Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit, the Bondtech DualDirect! A very effective twin splicing of two little BMG extruders with their super 3:1 reduction, lower weight and of course effective Bondtech signature DualDrive extruder gears. Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit

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New Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit

Raise3D Owners rejoice! Bondtech have now released the best ever upgrade for you based on the internal mechanics of the little 3:1 reduction BMG. The older kit required the relocation of the secondary extruder, converting it to Bowden drive, now both drives are right above the printing head.

Lightweight and compact this extruder upgrade for Raise3D printers will solve your feeding problems, improves surface quality and make it possible to print with faster speeds with sustained quality. The numbers are pretty telling actually:

Original extruder setup on Raise3D weighs in at 890g,  the DualDirect now only weighs 425g including motors meaning you printer has a much easier time printing at higher speeds.

The kit comes with  Nema17 stepper motors Pancake steppermotors combined with a 3:1 internal gearing ratio and of course the DualDrive super sharp drive wheels.

Drivegears are precision cnc-machined in hardened steel for maximum performance and lifetime.

Unlike the older kit, there is no need to tell us which revision of head you have. The geometry has been altered to accommodate both rev’s. This als makes installation a breeze and should not take longer than 20 minutes to complete and best of all, no need to backfeed or cut&splice cables!

Please select what type of motor you have on your printer (silver colored = older, black = newer)
1 x DualDirect extruder with motors
2 x 0.7 m PTFE 4/2 mm guide tube
1 x Breakout board cover

Weight: 425g
E-step value: 415 – You will need to add lines to the start code of your slicer to tell it to take this value every time you print. You cannot save this to EEPROM from gcode.
Current for motor: 0.7A (Vref setting = 0.5V) click here for instructions

Additional information

Weight .58 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 11 cm

1 review for Raise3D Bondtech upgrade kit – DualDirect upgrade

  1. 5 out of 5

    Neil (verified owner)

    Whilst the Duasl Direct specifically states it is designed for the N2 and N2+ printers I purchased to fit to my N1. The install went smoothly, following the video from Emvio, despite having to adapt the placement of the cable sheath which has been moved to the opposite side and bolted to the cable chain plate. The stock extruder head weighed over 800g whereas the Dual Direct head is just over half that. A huge reduction in weight on the rods and one that is immediately noticeable in print speeds and quality.

    Fitting this unit has also fixed a filament jam issue I was experiencing with certain filaments due to heat creep. Not having to worry now about small prints jamming and messing up the prints is a huge relief.

    If you own a Raise3D machine you deserve to upgrade it with this unit. The print speed increase and quality makes it worth every penny and the service provided by George at Emvio is second to none. I highly recommend both the product and Emvio as a supplier.

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