Chroma Satin PLA – 1.75mm, 1kg

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Need a more economical and reliable alternative to the Elixir type materials? We have heard your call and can now offer you our Satin range of PLA. Chroma Satin PLA filaments have a very luxurious sheen to them perfect for creating stunning 3D Prints. As always, our quality comes as standard.

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There has been a fair bit of demand from us to see if we can get a reliable good value for money alternative to some of the glossier PLA’s out there.

As such we asked the tech guys at the factory that makes our filament to have a look at getting us something.

We can now honestly say that we have some very good looking Satin coloured filaments.

Due to a low shrinkage factor PLA does not typically deform after printing and thus does not really need a heated bed. Best of all, PLA is a biodegradable and is a manufactured using renewable resources!

We use an extrusion temp of 190-210C on a slightly heated bed.

Adhesion to glass is good when 3DLac or Dimabond is used but we have fantastically good results on Kapton tape too.

Our friends over at Chompworks had a sneak peak at the Pink and the White and are some of their impressions

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Pink Satin, White Satin, Polished Gold, Champagne

1 review for Chroma Satin PLA – 1.75mm, 1kg

  1. 5 out of 5

    Andrew Howat

    Tried the Pink Satin so far – I am very impressed.

    The filament prints as smoothly as other Chroma PLAs offered by Emvio, but has this stunning, light-catching pearlescent that sets it apart from the other filaments in the Chroma line. It’s flashy (in the best possible sense of the word) and photos don’t do it justice.

    It’s also strong – I’ve used another company’s “Elixir” in the past and often found prints ripped themselves apart just coming off the bed, with very poor layer adhesion. I haven’t hit any issues with that on the Chroma Satin (even when printing vase mode prints!). Parts are just as strong as their standard Chroma PLA counterparts.
    [Tested at both 150 micron and 80 micron Z heights, printing at 200 and 215 degrees respectively]

    They do take standard paints well, and work well with cyanacrylate glue (Superglue). Splice tests with a Palette 2 using standard PLA settings for both have also been very successful.

    All in all, a great addition to the growing Emvio filament line, and a excellent new product

    [Transparency: Samples of both Pink and White Satin were provided by Emvio for the purposes of testing, but have not influenced the review. I will happily be buying more when they run out, and will be buying Polished Gold and Champagne soon.]

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