Techna ABS-EP 1.75mm Filament – 750g


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What if we told you, that having the benefits of ABS was possible with minimum warping after printing at the same time? Our extrusion partners have worked hard and long with us to produce ABS-EP 1.75mm filaments. EP stands for Easy Print! ABS-EP has proven reliable in adhering to glass, tape & other surfaces and shows some better mechanical properties than your typical ABS.


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Our Techna range of filaments is aimed a those looking to print working parts capable of taking some mechanical punishment. Of course this should not come at the cost of printing easy. Hence you will find the EP (Easy Print) modifiers in some of our materials.

ABS-EP started out as a typical ABS but got compounded with secret stuff to minimise the warping and adhesion problems typically associated with standard ABS.

All Techna spools come in a resealable vacuum bag with desiccant. Keep the packaging for longer shelf life!

Datasheet to follow

For best adhesion results lightly spray your build surface with 3Dlac or DimaFix

Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 20 × 22 × 6 cm
ABS-EP Colour

Naturalish, Standard Black, Standard White, R.E.D, Light Green, Yeller, Clockwork Orange, Surfing Silver, Bronze, Bad Blue, Standard Issue Grey, Not Too Grey

Filament diameter


Material Base


Material properties

Easy Print, Stiffness, Toughness

1 review for Techna ABS-EP 1.75mm Filament – 750g

  1. 5 out of 5

    Quenton Reed (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended!!
    My current FDM project is to attempt to build a complete body for a 5 inch gauge miniature diesel locomotive. Each section of this model pushes the printer to it’s maximum size capability as the model is nearly a metre long.

    I needed a tough plastic with good durability and decided that ABS fitted the bill. However little did I know at the time the challenges presented by standard ABS filament when printing large scale prints. Lifting from the print bed and the subsequent warped parts became a major headache as the contents of the scrap bin grew, despite using bed adhesives on glass, and also Buildtac and higher temperatures within an enclosed printer (Flashforge Creator Pro). Despite all of this and trying various brands of ABS filament, nothing seemed to prevent the random warping and cracking of these large parts. That is until Emvio recommend their new ABS Easy Print. What a difference this has made, not a single failed print and the project is now galloping ahead. If you require ABS filament this is the one to use, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy Print!

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