SVM-2VMC Mini Industrial – Skyfire CNC Vertical Milling Centre

SVM-2VMC Mini Industrial – Skyfire CNC Vertical Milling Centre

SVM-2VMC is a professional Mini Industrial Vertical Milling CNC. Equipped with standard industrial AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle, full linear ways and full AC SERVO 3 axis motion system that normally only be seen on top industrial CNC machines. All 2018 machines come with Rigid tapping functionality and Automatic Tool Changer as standard!
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Prices start at £21,000.00 including VAT and UK Delivery

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The SVM-2VMC is a pro level Mini Industrial Vertical Milling CNC. Despite it being compact it is in every way an industrial level Vertical Machining Centre (VMC). Not least because of the high grade actuation system, the BT-30 servo spindle and integral controller. Available in both single and three phase (2p-3P) in both European and American supply voltages, the SVM-2VMC is a very versatile machine that can be used as a primary machine in a small workshop as well as a secondary in a large scale manufacturing shop.

As of January 2018 the SVM-2VMC and Workstation will be shipped with a few of the commonly requested upgrades all pre installed along with some very good improvments:

  • All Machines will ship with the AdTECH 4650 – 5 Axis capable controller
  • ATC and Power Drawbar will come prefitted but can be removed upon request
  • The improved quality AC Spindle motor has up to 30% more torque at slow speeds
  • Rigid tapping functionality as standard
  • Bearings on the ballscrew mounts have been upgraded
  • New high output coolant pump integrated

BT30 taper 12 tool Automatic Tool Changer (Standard)
SKYFIRE have developed their own compact ATC system. This reduces weight and runs on full linear ways. Can be sold separately too!

For all other options have a look at the optional accessories tab above.

High rigidity cast iron machine frames
The machine base is made of over 500kg of stress relieved and aged cast iron. This ensure the machine castings do not “move” over time. The design was validated through FEA


Full linear ways and C3 class ground ballscrews for all 3 axis
All axes incorporate HIWIN™ High precision class linear rails and C3 class ground ballscrews. The Z axis however, has even heavier duty roller type rails.

AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle system with Pneumatic Drawbar – PDB
As any proper industrial machine should be, the SVM-2VMC has a BT30 spindle. The spindle is driver by a servo motor to allow alignment of the tools in the ATC and also to enable rigid tapping

AC SERVO 3 axis motors
AC SERVO motors offer much higher rapid speed and accuracy than your average stepper motor system, not to mention smoothness and noise level. Servos are one of those elements taken for granted on higher end machine, so of course the SVM-2VMC has them.

Real industrial 5 axis CNC control system
No computer driven control system here! The fully integrated CNC controller with internal PLC is all you need. Despite what hobby machinists may think, we are firm believers in the superiority of having a standalone system to drive highend machine. The standard controller is the ADTECH CNC4650, a 5 axis capable unit. Optionally we can downgrade the ADTECH CNC4640 4 axis controller

Aaron the DCCTeacher on YouTube has been instrumental in some of our CNC projects. We worked with him on our EMV-25CNC conversion kits and he is now also the proud owner of a fully kitted SkyFire machine. Open his Skyfire video playlist here

His first video in the series can is here too:

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ATCAux SpindleToolingCustomisation

Get the complete data sheet covering all the models here


Table Size:760mm×240mm / 30”×9.8”
Table Slots:5×14mm Slots
Travel Range (X Y Z):420mm×250mm×400mm / 16.5”×10”×15.7”
MAX Spindle Nose to Table:450mm / 17.7”
MIN Spindle Nose to Table:50mm / 2”
Spindle Center to Column:280mm / 11”
Max On Table Weight:100Kgs
Max Feed Rate:10MPM / 393IPM
Positional Tolerance:0.005mm/200mm
Repeatable Tolerance:≤0.005mm
XYZ Traveling Tolerance:≤0.02mm /200mm
1st Spindle Radio/Axial Run Out:≤0.008mm at 200mm
1st Spindle Taper:BT30
1st Spindle Speed:100-8000RPM
1st Spindle Driving System:2200W AC SERVO Motor System
1st Tool Changing:Air drive power drawbar
ATC System:12 tool ATC optional
3 Axis Driving:High Performance AC SERVO driving System
3 Axis Motion:HIWINTM H Class LINEARS for all 3 axis
Ballscrews:C3 Class Ballscrews
Bearings:P4 Class Bearings
CNC Controller:SKYFIRE 4 axis/5axis industrial CNC controller
Axis Driving Power Supply:AC power supply
Relay Output:Integrated  and expandable
Power Input:210-240VAC 50/60HZ Single Phase

220/380VAC 3-phase optional

Power Consumption:Typical 5000W
Machine Shell:Full closed enclosure with cabinet stand
Spindle Box Balancing:2x Nitrogen springs
Lubrication:AUTO centralization lubrication
Work Light:LED work light
Coolant System:Coolant system with swarf drawer integrated
Mist Cooling System:optional
Air Blow Gun:included
Air Source:>0.5Mpa
Tooling & Accessories:optional (refer to detailed tooling lists)
Other CNC Control System:optional
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):LWH 950*1500*1700mm
Net Weight:650kgs
Package Dimensions(L*W*H):LWH 1050*1600*1900mm
Gross Weight:750kgs
Package Type:Composite Plywood Case
Machine Feet:FOOT-MASTER casters 4pcs


HVR-6 6" Harmonic Drive 4th Axis Set and Installation
125mm 3-Jaw Chuck Kit for HVR-6
HVR-8 8" Harmonic Drive 4th Axis Set and Installation
160mm 3-Jaw Chuck Kit for HVR-8
4" 5th Axis Kit
Handheld MPG
10000RPM BT30 Spindle Upgrade
24000RPM BT30 Spindle Upgrade (support ATC)
Change to 24000-36000RPM Metal Engraving Spindle
3.7kw AC SERVO Spindle Motor Upgrade - Requires 3Phase supply
Auxiliary High Speed Engraving Spindle Kit
Upgrades controller e.g. Simens, Fanuc, GSK - Please contact us
Other Toolings/Accessories please refer to machine DATASHEET or contact us

Thanks for your interest in the Skyfire SVM-2VMC. These machines are made to order and thus will need to be individually price to suit your own specification. The lead time for the machines will vary depending on the size of your order and the time of year. All machines are brought in as sea freight and the prices we quote will include insurance and delivery to your door.

When you are ready to start specifying your machine, use this checklist to help define your needs

You can send us a copy of the printed checklist or a list of your requirements.

We will produce an all inclusive and itemised quotation for you. If this quote is then agreed upon, we will require a deposit to be paid which will cover the build of the machine. This deposit is only partially refundable

When the machine is built, packed and ready to be shipped, a bill of lading will be communicated to us by the factory. At this point the remainder of the cost of the machine will be due. We will of course share the bill of lading with you.

In most cases transit time and customs clearance is 30days. We will need more information regarding your delivery location to ensure we have made adequate provision for the unloading of the machine in the safest possible way.


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