EML-290 Bench Lathe, 1.5kW Motor and Power Crossfeed

EML-290 Bench Lathe, 1.5kW Motor and Power Crossfeed

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Want to get the best performance in your hobby machine shop? Have the space for a proper sized lathe? Then this is a perfect machine for you. The EML-290 bench lathe boasts, powered crossfeed, a inverter driven 1.5kW spindle, 3 ratio gearbox and Camlock Chuck!

Be advised, price will increase as soon as these are loaded! Reserve yours now!

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(25-03-2019) We have machines on order but they will sell before landing in UK, please call to secure yours!

Our first lathe was a dinky little thing with a 750W motor and 300mm between centres. It paid itself off within a couple of years making parts for our flexible oil return hoses, but only after we upgraded the motor to 3-phase and drove it off an inverter. So as you can image we looked hard to find a supplier that would be able to supply a good machine to our spec, and now we have the EML-290 manual lathe. A machine aimed at the serious home workshop with the space and the need for larger diameters and lengths.

The EML-290 boasts a massive 38mm (approx. 1.5″) spindle bore with a MT5 taper, 290mm swing over bed (11.4″) and 700mm (27.5″) between centres. Suffice to say, there is plenty of room for most workpieces on this machine.

As standard, the EML-290 comes with a full package of accessories: Fixed and travelling steadies, dead centres, face plate, 4 jaw chuck, all the tools you would need and of course the key to the CamLock chuck!

Screw cutting is a breeze with this machine as is facing off thanks to the integral screwcutting gearbox and the power crossfeed. The latter runs of a secondary shaft, just like on industrial machines.

We have stock of stands and wedge type quick change tool posts. A DRO can also be supplied fitted or for retrofit upon request.

This machine really does boast some other cool features too, for example it has a dovetailed cross-slide to allow fitment of a rear toolpost, or a vice! It is also ready to accept an auxiliary milling head too.

Obviously, no self respecting turner would tolerate anything less than a lever locking tailstock.


Model EML-290 (based on SP2129)
Max. Swing over bed 290 mm
Distance between centers 700mm
Swing over cross slide travel 180mm
Width of  bed 182mm
Spindle taper MT5
Spindle hole 38mm
Range of spindle speed 50-1800r/min
Range of cross feed 0.01~0.10mm/rev
Range of longitudinal feed 0.085~0.832mm/rev
Range of Imperial thread 8~56T.P.I
Range of Metric  thread 0.2~3.5mm
Top slide travel 65mm
Cross slide travel 160mm
Tailstock quill travel 70mm
Taper of tailstock quill MT3
Motor power 1.5kw – with 1Phase to 3Phase  inverter
Packing Size  (L*W*H) 145*70*68cm

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Weight 250 kg

1 review for EML-290 Bench Lathe, 1.5kW Motor and Power Crossfeed

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lee Roebuck

    For a kick off this machine is alot bigger and “more machine” than i was expecting. I work on colchester 2880 and 1550 machines all day long and am accustomed to working up to 4ton, so when I tell you this is alot of lathe for this price you can be happy I know my lathes. I have this machine stood in my own home workshop now and it will happily run up to full speed and stay there with no issues. the array of extras such as the 4 jaw and steady that come with it are all sweet as a nut and the whole thing feels solid and quality. You can’t argue with the size of the spindle bore at this price, I really struggled to find better.
    As i mentioned in my other review of emvio’s mill, these guys are always happy to help with special delivery instructions and installation questions and have genuinely become friends of mine due to their kind nature. If you want to buy a machine off a company that will genuinely take care of you and your needs, you can’t go wrong here.

    Metal Monastery

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