Emvio NEMA 17 Vibration dampers (like Astrosyn)

Emvio NEMA 17 Vibration dampers (like Astrosyn)

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Our ever popular Emvio NEMA 17 Vibration dampers!

These drop-in dampers will greatly reduce the vibrations and noise levels of your 3D printer.  Fits all NEMA 16 & 17 and all mounting brackets. Bolt them on the X, Y, Z motors and on the extruder if you have a Bowden. This is the first step in making your printer as quiet as a high end machine.

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Emvio NEMA 17 stepper motor damper including screws 

This video demonstrates their effectiveness

3D printers are desktop machines, so we should be able to have them right next to us while working on our cluttered desks. When we do however, we usually end up jumping from our seat every time the printer makes a G0 or the extruder retracts. Most of the noise is generated from vibrations traveling from the stepper motors to the stiff frame which amplifies the noise.

Noisy printers can become significantly quieter by isolating the stepper motors from the frame using rubber mounts. The dampers have specially formulated rubber sections that damps the stepping noise of the motor while not allowing it to travel through the frame. We have tested these dampers on our CreateBot mini, BCN3D Sigma, Creatbot DX+ and Duplicator i3 and must say we are very pleased.

The Emvio vibration dampers effectively isolate the stepper motor from the frame with a 3mm rubber ring which absorbs the vibrations stopping them from propagating to the frame. The dampers consist of two galvanised steel flanges with the rubber meniscus bonded between them. One of the flanges is threaded to accept two M3 screws (included) while the other flange has a 3.3mm holes. The elastomeric ring will also take up any misalignment if you use rigid couplings increasing the motors’ life span.

Installation video

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