Automatic Tool Changer Screensets for LNC 5800 and 6800 Controllers


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Exclusive to EMVIO! Now loading and setting your cutting tools is that much faster thanks to our intuitive Automatic Tool Changer Screensets. Compatible with  LNC 5800 and LNC 6800 controllers as used on the SYIL X5, V5 and X7 CNC Machine tools.



Mass loading/unloading and probing of up to an entire carousel at once

Probe Facemill button allows you to apply either X Y or X&Y offset to the probing routine to allow probing of a Facemill without needing to move the ATC position on the ATM screen

Approximate tool length function allows tool probing 3x faster than OEM

Slow mode reduces the touch off speed by 3x, perfect for probing in very small tools or your WCS probe.

Tool call button will summon the selected tool into the spindle. Faster than having to MDI M06

In setup menu there is a one click button to set the TTC X&Y position to wherever the machine is currently positioned. E.g. JOG your tool over the TTC and click it. No more fumbling with coordinates in the ATM screen.

Tool radius and length table also included in this screen for convenience.

1 review for Automatic Tool Changer Screensets for LNC 5800 and 6800 Controllers

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ryan Erskine (verified owner)

    Great tool that adds tons of functionality and streamlines the ATC process!

    I purchased this screenset right after taking deliver of my Syil X7 with the LNC6800 controller. Coming from previously using Path Pilot, the LNC controller is much more industrial and to be honest, I was overwhelmed with trying to make things work. The ATC screenset install is relatively straight forward with great documentation and the Emvio team was immediately there to help me through some troubles I had that were 100% my own fault (MAKE SURE THE FEED KNOB IS NOT SET TO 0).

    After install, it’s trivial to set up your master tool, and load/unload and measure tooling. There so much more functionality at your fingertips and nothing requires manually inputting MDI code. The headache and time saved with this screenset will more than make up for the cost.

    Highly recommend.

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