Probing and WCS Screensets for LNC 5800 and 6800 Controllers


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Exclusive to EMVIO! Lets face it, trying to use your expensive wireless probe with macros is a huge pain point. So much so that we have discouraged most users from investing in one. Now with our Probing and WCS Screensets, you can quickly set your works coordinates systems up in just a few button presses.

Compatible with  LNC 5800 and LNC 6800 controllers as used on the SYIL X5, V5 and X7 CNC Machine tools and any probe you can safely connect to them!



Basic mode provides “point and shoot” WCS probing for the following operations:

  • Center of hole
  • Circular boss
  • External and Internal corners
  • Slot center
  • Square boss
  • X, Y and Z axis

The setup screen also contains buttons to trigger the probe rad and length cal routines.

Custom Z averaging screen allows probing of 2 to 5 points across a surface to generate an average z value

In process mode allows you to setup a probing routine, then use the displayed M code to trigger it during a machine cycle.

Advanced mode works more in line with how the probing works OEM. Requiring you first probe the Z and can then run further operations with respect to that height with an allowed offset.


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