SYIL – Benefits Of Upgrading To A Mineral Casting Frame

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SYIL – Benefits Of Upgrading To A Mineral Casting Frame

The biggest upgrade of the Whole SYIL CNC Machine tool range, starting with the SYIL X7 machine lies in its frame.  SYIL proudly partnered with SCHNEEBERGER in 2020,  a leader in mineral casting frames, also known as Epoxy Granite. What are the benefits to you as a customerthough?


Established in 1923, SCHNEEBERGER stands for world-class quality in linear motion technology. Apart from mineral castings, Schneeberger also offers top spec linear bearings and profile rail guides, measuring systems, racks, slides, positioning systems and ball screws.

An Introduction To Mineral Casting Frames

Mineral-casting is rapidly becoming the material of choise in machinetools.  This was once the domain of cast iron.  Today it can be found in: CNC milling machines, drill presses, grinders and EDM Machines.

Mineral casting, also referred to as Epoxy Granite , is effectively mineral fillers like gravel, quartz sand granite bound in an a hard curing resin. The materials are mixed according to precise specifications and poured cold into the moulds. Cold casting significantly reduces the need for energy both during the pour and afterwards in the stress relieving process. In some cases, the latter is no longer needed!

Apart from the quick turn around and the lower energy consumption during production, there are also benefits to the machine tool performance too! Epoxy Granite shows a much higher damping coefficient than traditional cast iron for a start, and because, there are virtually no thermal stresses in the final product, castings can be made solid. Making a machine body solid adds to its weight which proportionally reduces its natural resonant frequency.

Machine tools with mineral casting beds, such as milling machines and grinder, are significantly more accurate and achieve a better surface quality. In addition, tool wear is significantly reduced and service life is extended.

At SYIL, innovation is key to future success. That is why we opted for mineral casting in the new SYIL X7.

epoxy granite frame
mineral casting frame

Mineral casting is ideal for our CNC machine frame structures. It offers clear technological, economic and environmental advantages. Mineral casting technology provides excellent vibration damping, high chemical resistance and significant thermal advantages (thermal expansion similar to that of steel). Connection elements, cables, sensor and measurement systems can all be poured into the assembly.

In short, the SCHNEEBERGER mineral casting frame used in the new SYIL X7 pushes this machine to the next level.

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Benefits Of An Epoxy Granite Frame

SYIL’s composite mineral (epoxy granite) casting frame made by SCHNEEBERGER brings several advantages: :

  • Shaping and strength: As strong as cast iron, but without the inherent stresses! We can make the body of the machine a solid lump of epoxy granite, ensuring the best vibration control and stability.
  • Economical dimensional accuracy: In many instances the as cast cast components are cast within the tolerance dimensions because practically no contraction takes place during hardening. With this, further expensive finishing processes are eliminated.
  • Precision: For the placement of rails and ballscrews, precise reference or supporting surfaces are achieved by further grinding, forming or milling operations. As a result of this, many machine concepts can be implemented elegantly and efficiently.
  • Good thermal stability: Mineral casting reacts very slowly to temperature changes because the thermal conductivity is significantly lower than metallic materials. Short-term temperature changes have significantly less influence on the dimensional accuracy of the machine tool.
  • No corrosion: Mineral-cast components are resistant against oils, coolants and other aggressive liquids. They do not rust and of course are still recyclable at the end of life
  • Greater vibration damping for longer tool service lives: SYIL’s mineral casting achieves up to 10x better values of vibration damping than steel or cast iron. Thanks to these characteristics, an extremely high dynamic stability of the machine structure is obtained. Surface finish and tool life benefit significantly.
  • Environment: Less energy input means small carbon footprint!

    Mineral Casting Frame vs Cast Iron Frame

    See below the benefits of the new mineral casting vs cast iron frame previously used:

      Mineral Casting (Epoxy Granite) Cast Iron
    Damping High Low
    Heat Performance Low heat conductivity

    and high spec. heat


    High heat conductivity and

    low spec. heat capacity

    Embedded Parts Unlimited design and

    One-piece mold and

    seamless connection

    Machining necessary
    Corrosion Resistance Extra high Low


    Low energy consumption High energy consumption


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