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Emvio Engineering has been working with SYIL CNC Machine Tools since 2019 and has been integral in their improving global sales.

As of 2022, there has been a move away from the traditional Cast Iron machine bodies, in favour of the more sustainable and beneficial Epoxy Granite. The manufacturing partners of the castings are of course the world renowned Swiss experts in the field SCHNEEBERGER AG.

The move has also made SYIL’s offering a more premium one capable of holding its own against some of the more established competitors.

A small range of larger cast iron machines are available on request so do get in touch about those

epoxy granite casting

Why Emvio?

Emvio the exclusive partner to SYIL CNC Machine Tools in the UK. Since 2019 we have been providing the best service possible in the purchase and support of SYIL CNC Machines. Whether you require training, technical advice or additional support, we are here to help you make the most of your investment.

We also manage the traffic on UK.SYIL.COM

Installation and Ongoing Service

Our machines are built to last, however getting them set up correctly and servicing them are both crucial to  ensuring accurate parts and reliable operation. Installation and training on-site is offered to those that need it as is a service contract fulfilled by our trusted partners.

Most customer install and commission their own and we do support you through this process.

Expert Support

With many years of experience in CNC, CAD, CAM and all forms of manufacturing tech, Emvio Engineering will be able to assist you with complex projects, designs and of course bringing your products to market.

We do not just sell machine, we provide solutions!

Why Choose SYIL CNC Machines?

SYIL CNC Machine tools have come a long way since their formation, moving from the hobby market to being suppliers of small, economical machines to many industries around Asia. Customers include automotive OEM component manufacturers, Aerospace contractors, electronic goods manufacturers as well as a host of other consumer goods makers.

With the small footprint and great value, the X5 and X7 have both also made their way into prototyping, small production and garage industry setting. Universities, laboratories and SME’s are all benefiting from the value for money offered by these machines!

The SYIL Best sellers



High Performance
Small Footprint

The compact, fast and incredibly accurate Drilling/Tapping centre that is the SYIL X5, features an incredible 16 tool drum type tool changer, an Epoxy Granite body, high speed spindle and S-TAC technology as standard. At nearly 2000kg, the rigidity and speed leave very little to be desired.



Accurate and dependable
Compact and Capable

The best selling SYIL machine to date! With the introduction of the X7 Epoxy Granite machines in 2020, SYIL has become a globally recognised brand. Accurate beyond expectation, rigid and fully featured, this compact CNC Milling Machine is being used by our customers to make a huge variety of components from Oyster shucks to supercar components to microfluidic chips. 12kRPM spindles are standard as are functions other manufacturers require you to pay for, e.g. rigid tapping



The larger SYIL
Production Ready!

For those that are looking for a larger machine, but also want the benefits of the Epoxy Granite casting, the value for money and a machine loaded with options as standard, we introduce the X11. New for 2022, the first machines were sold out within weeks! Despite the travel sizes, the footprint remains reasonable and the rapids as high as on the smaller machines. Fully featured as standard, the X11 also offers a great starting point for multiaxis work!



Coming Soon!

Range of controls available

Have you standardised your controllers on your machines already in your machineshop or are you working to a budget and want the best option for the money? SYIL offer a number of options to suit you. During the ordering process we can offer a controller suite to suit your requirements. Depending on model, we can offer: LNC, SYNTEC, Fanuc or Siemens Sinumerik.

By selecting a controller suite, your machine will be built with components from that particular brand. This give the maximum reliability and integration saving frustration at a later date.

EMVIO Is your Value-Add SYIL Partner

With every product we supply, at Emvio we like to go that extra bit further. Do you need to add extra features to your machine not offered by the factory? Lets have a chat!

From automatic doors, to extra IO functions and controls, we may already have the solutions for you!

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