Emvio Engineering products

  • EML-290 Bench Lathe, 1.5kW Motor and Power Crossfeed

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    Want to get the best performance in your hobby machine shop? Have the space for a proper sized lathe? Then this is a perfect machine for you. The EML-290 bench lathe boasts, powered crossfeed, a inverter driven 1.5kW spindle, 3 ratio gearbox and Camlock Chuck!Be advised, price will increase as soon as these are loaded! Reserve yours now!
  • EMV-25VBB Hobby Milling machine

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    All preorders are now closed. We await the end of the Chinese new year to place more stock orders. Please express interest.Presenting the extremely capable Emvio Machine Tools EMV-25VBB Hobby Milling machine! Silent, compact with loads of travel and of course compatible with our quick change tooling! So excited to finally launch our first ever machine tool. This machine is a perfect hobby milling machine and also a fantastic base for a CNC conversion.

  • EMV-25CNC kit headplate

    EMV-25VBB CNC Conversion kit – Deposit only

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    We are now taking deposits for our EMV-25VBB CNC Conversion kit. The kit should in theory be compatible with similar machines (Amadeal, Warco, Optimum, Titan) with tables of 700x170mm. Doing the deposit scheme in order to help us fund the final stages of development. This listing is only for the required hardware and will not include motors or power supplies.When preordering please select the option of Servo or Stepper so we can adjust some of the parts!
  • Powerfeed for small milling machine

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    The powerfeed sits on the left hand side of the X axis and drives the leadscrew at the speed you want. With this you will be able to get that fly cut surface of dreams and save on elbow grease in the process.
  • Bondtech Kit for BCN3D Sigma

    5.00 out of 5
    Own a BCN3D Sigma?Well, now for your convenience, we are offering a Bondtech kit for BCN3D Sigma! The kit includes two extruders (a left hand and a right hand), cables for plug and play and also our own design of mounting hardware. See twitter for ideas on how our friends have used them, or head on over to our blog postThe Kit includes 2 extruders, 2 cables specially made to suit the BCN3D Sigma and of course our own special design of extruder mounting hardware.Get the installation manual here!
    £291.67 £250.00
  • Extruder external mounting kit – BCN3D Sigma

    5.00 out of 5
    Keep your filament cool, mount larger spools and reduce noise..a bit with our Extruder external mounting kit for the BCN3D Sigma. This kit does not require alterations to the body of the Sigma as we have cleverly designed the parts to take advantage of the printers geometry. All parts printed in Emvio Chroma and Techna materials! STL's free to Emvio customers, please ask!
  • Techna Enabler-HT – High Temperature Water soluble support filament 0.5kg

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    Techna Enabler-HT, a very stable yet quickly soluble PVA derivative water soluble support filament. It could arguably be called the ultimate ABS support material. Also compatible with ASA, PETG and some TPU filaments that all require higher printing temperaturesAll spools are transparent 0.5kg and are shipped vacuum packed in ziplock bags with dessicant. Retain packaging for longer shelf life!Select your filament diameter from the drop box
  • Chroma WoodLoaded – Not So Dark Wood 500g

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    Woodloaded - Not So Dark filament is exactly that. This one has a colour similar to Pine when printed, can give a nice grain texture when using a slicer that allows the temperature to vary. Oh and it smells like caramel too!
  • Techna SuperNylon – Nylon 500g

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    Techna SuperNylon is a specially blended nylon filament that we hope will be used where there is need for light but tough applications. Perfect for prosthetics and engineering part printing. Black and transparent nylon available to order too!
  • Techna Enabler watersoluble support

    Techna Enabler – Water soluble support filament 0.5kg

    5.00 out of 5
    In collaboration with our extrusion partners we have formulated Techna Enabler, a very stable yet quickly soluble PVA derivative water soluble support filament. We have tested it with all our filaments and are very happy to say it supports them well and prints easy. Material is biodegradable, water soluble and has a pretty impressive shelf life if kept in the supplied resealable bag with the desiccant.All spools are transparent 0.5kg and are shipped vacuum packed in ziplock bags with dessicant. Retain packaging for longer shelf life!Select your filament diameter from the drop box
  • Techna Real Heavy Copper filled PLA – 500g

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    How does 80% Copper filled PLA sound? The Chroma Real Heavy range is very heavy indeed and hence it comes in small spools. Prints easily and can be polished with little effort. Best printed with hard nozzles with a diameter of 0.4mm and above
  • Techna Polyprop-EP, Polypropylene filament – 500g

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    Polyprop-EP is our own brand premium quality but well priced Polypropylene filament. Prints very well, with good adhesion between layers. This material is as hydrophobic as it gets! May take some getting used to though as very few materials like to stick to Polypropylene but we found that clear packaging tape (!) and gluestick work well. The materials inherent flexibility and elasticity make it the ideal choice for living hinges, tupperware and other similar applications.Print at temperatures 230-250 °C. This should make some very nice dishwasher and microwave safe useful items.