Your First Hobby Milling Machine!

So you have decided you want to start getting serious with your Garage DIY Projects. You may already have a Drill Press, but that limits you to only drilling holes. How about make accurate slots, or even complex shapes for your components. Whatever you plan on making, a Milling Machine is an ideal addition to your tools! Lets get you Started on your Journey:

Komodo e-cargo bike 3d printed bigrep

Motorsport Engineering Meets E-Cargo Design

Since introducing our 3D Printing Service earlier this year, we have been privileged to work on some inspiring projects, including this innovating e-bike solution from Komodo Bikes. (more…)

3d printing with carbon fibre

The Benefits of 3D Printing With Carbon Fibre

As 3D printing technology continues to evolve, so too does the range of materials that can be used in the process. One of the most exciting developments in the industry is the emergence of carbon fibre 3D printing, (more…)

Introducing A New Partnership – NEMATX

NEMATX sets new standards in polymer 3D printing.

We're delighted to be working with Swiss extrusion 3D printing company NEMATX, who recently launched their new NEX 01 liquid crystal polymer 3D printer at Formnext 2022. (more…)

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