Award winning budget printers from CraftUnique! Craftbot 2 and Craftbot 2XL

EmvioENG now working with CraftUnique

Following on the theme of top printers, we are excited to be working with Craftunique from Hungary! EmvioENG is an official UK partner, importing, distributing, selling and servicing the Craftbot range of machine!
The Craftbot printer range has, this year, won 2 awards issued by 3DHubs.com


We met the CraftUnique team at TCT in 2016 and have since started importing the Craftbots to the  UK. Of particular interest to us has been the Craftbot 2 and Craftbot XL as they are now fully updated with the latest nice-to-haves anyone would like.

Both machines have a very solid build. Steel chassis, Linear rails on the XL and all metal construction throughout. Oh and whats more, you can also specify the colour of the machine you would like! We have the blue one but the anthracite colours are really good too.

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We are distributors of Bondtech products to the UK and IRE

The big news of the week is that we are now the UK and Ireland exclusive distributors to all the Bondtech products.

Bondtech extruders have understandably revolutionised the reliability and speed of printing using filaments.

The team have a series of mounts to allow adapting the parts to any prosumer quality printer that are freely available from us or from Bondtech directly.



Dear Customers: We are gearing up for the BSMEE exhibition, in Thornbury, that will be run 18th-20th of August. Along with upcoming holidays, we are very likely to be slow in fulfilling orders until middle of September. Thank you for your understanding. Dismiss