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BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer

Exciting times, European 3D printer that kicks ass!

After looking around for a the hottest 3D printer to try, we have finally settled on a brand that will give the top players a run for their money.  So we would like to tease you all with the new kid on the block:

BCN3D’s Sigma


Pretty sleek. Serious engineering going on and a CE mark to boot.
Where can you start?

  • Enclosed design with 210x297x210mm build volume
  • Dual heads independent that park when not in use
  • Profile linear rail, not round bar, on the axes!!!!!!!!!

Now to blow even the most sceptical away, check out the calibration procedure:

Interested? Keep watching this space


Dear Customers, please note that we are experiencing some delays in receiving 1.75mm filaments. We are working with our suppliers to resolve this. Thank you for your patience. Dismiss