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Emvio Exclusive – Screens For Probing and ATC Management

Lets face it, trying to use your expensive wireless probe with macros is a huge pain point. So much so that we discourage most users from investing in one. Now with our Probing and WCS Screensets, you can quickly set your works coordinates systems up in just a few clicks. (more…)

The Manufacturing And Engineering Community Returns In Style

The long awaited MACH exhibition saw thousands attend to experience the very latest in manufacturing technologies and advanced engineering. "The feeling that optimism is growing in the manufacturing and engineering sectors was certainly not misplaced on the final day of MACH, as bumper levels of business have been transacted during the show." MACH It was a great opportunity for Emvio to show off the capabilities of both the SYIL X7 and BigRep ONE machines. We were lucky enough to have 'The UK Machinist' swing by for a demo of the SYIL X7, as well as seeing past, current and future customers! (more…)

World First CNC Titanium Oyster Knives

Emergo Designs create worlds first titanium oyster knives, made using the SYIL X7.

With the help of the SYIL X7 CNC Machine fitted with an LNC controller, Emergo have brought a unique product to market. Watch how a billet of titanium is transformed into a masterpiece, almost too pretty to use! 

Alex Bol, Owner of Emergo Designs said;

"Ever since I’ve graduated as an engineer, I wanted to bring CNC into my knife making process. It takes a lot of thought and programming to run a computer controlled milling machine. The advantage is that once the computer knows what to do, the making becomes partially automated."

The reason why I wanted to start CNC milling these oyster opening tools is the extra creative freedom that it’s offering. Titanium is more flexible and it’s impossible to rust. But you could never successfully work the metal by hand."

"My knives are a combination of craftmanship and modern manufacturing."

"In 2014 I developed my first oyster knife. Now my company Emergo Designs proudly makes and sells exclusive oyster opening tools that ship all over the world."

Learn more about these unique knives here.

Emergo Designs Titanium Oyster Knife
Emergo Designs Titanium Oyster Knife
Emergo Designs Titanium Oyster Knife
3d vs cnc

Why You Should Combine CNC Machining And 3D Printing

Is CNC Machining Better Than 3D Printing?

Perhaps it's not about choosing one or the other? Combining 3D printing with CNC machining can very beneficial in the manufacturing industry. And we can help you with both! As official partners of BigRep and Syil, we can best inform you on both manufacturing methods! Many workshops rely on CNC machining as the backbone of their production processes. However, with the rise of additive manufacturing, more and more companies are adding 3D printing into the workflow. So, why should you combine CNC and 3D? (more…)
you tube live syil


A deep dive into all things SYIL - latest news, upcoming machines and the future of SYIL.

Watch back this LIVE Q&A session, hosted by Aaron Powter, and with George Konstantinidis, Paul Frink and SYIL Company President Mr XuShuo. This SYIL Livstream give an insight into the new SYIL CNC machines, the direction we are heading and of course you get to meet the people making SYIL a contender in the CNC Machine market! (more…)
SYIL X7 Demo Machine

New SYIL X7 Demo Machine Arriving Soon!

Booking Now Open!

We realise that there are not many higher end SYIL CNC machines available in the UK. We also know that our customers want to see and feel the machine before investing. So, it is with great excitement that await our own demonstration machine to arrive in Bristol in March 2022.

Demo SYIL X7 Epoxy Granite machine is equipped with the following extras:

  • 12kRPM spindle
  • 16 tool Arm type tool changer
  • Tool length setter
  • 4th axis

When it arrives we will be installing a copy of our LNC expansion screens, a optical probe, MQL and of course the much anticipated Accublast.

The X7 will be on display at the MACH 2022 exhibition, so if you are coming down be sure to let us know. In addition, we would be delighted to host you at our workshop in Bristol, in small groups, for a more in-depth demonstration.

Get in touch to arrange your demonstration today!

SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine
SYIL X7 Demo Machine

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