Leon Paul London Fencing CNC SYIL

SYIL CNC Machining in Sport

We are proud to have supplied another SYIL X7 CNC machine to a UK based institution in the world of sport!

Leon Paul manufacture high-quality fencing equipment in their factory in London, specialising in design cutting edge fencing equipment. Engineered, designed and manufactured in London.

Established in 1921, Leon Paul is the only fencing company run by Olympic Fencers, offering innovative fencing gear at the forefront of technology.

Through automation and ingenuity, Leon Paul Equipment have been able to produce top quality swords and other fencing equipment repeatably and accurately making it possible to supply to customers the world over. Previously customers had to physically visit their supplier to find the right fit.

We made our acquaintance at the Mach2022 exhibition at the NEC. It was clear to the team that value for money was the biggest advantage of the SYIL CNC Machines and of course they have also joined our growing SYIL Users Facebook group.

To complement their tooling department, Leon Paul ordered and took delivery of a SYIL X7 with:

  • LNC M6800 Controller
  • 3.7kW spindle
  • 16 station Automatic Tool Changer
  • 4th Axis upgrade
  • Tool and Work probes
  • Our exclusive LNC expansion screens 

They installed the machine themselves, however we were there to finalise the setup and to train their engineers.

We wish Leon Paul the best of luck with their new machine, and will be on hand to support them on any queries that may arise.

Leon Paul London Fencing CNC SYIL
Leon Paul London Fencing CNC SYIL
Leon Paul London Fencing CNC SYIL
Leon Paul London Fencing CNC SYIL
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syil x7 demo demonstration

SYIL X7 Demo Machine – Taking Bookings Now!

We have great news to share with you!
Our demo machine has now been delivered, de-crated and fully commissioned in our workshop in Bristol.
This SYIL X7 CNC machine has been built on the LNC Controller and has the following options added:
  • * 16 Tool Arm Type Tool Changer
  • * TTC 200 Tool Length Setter
  • * Wireless probing system
If you would like to see the SYIL machine in action for yourself, in person or virtually, we would love to host you through July.
The bookings have already started pouring in, so please get in touch to secure your spot.
We look forward to hosting you!

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