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BCN3D Sigma 3D Printer

We take it apart so you don’t have to: BCN3D Sigma

The only way to be sure that any machine is really well designed is to take to bits and have a look inside it! That’s what we did at Emvio Engineering with our BCN3D Technologies Sigma! Oh why not check it out in our shop too
Under the beautiful bottom cover of the Sigma we found the electronics and were impressed with the cable management and over all neat setting.


Then it was time to pull the Z axis out for a closer look… The 2 vertical rods are held in place with welded studs on the frame which made the task very easy. The print bed support made of bent aluminium is very stiff and those side cuts look awesome. The black heat bed sits on a cork pad and both are suspended by 3 springs in triangular arrangement.

I did wonder what was behind the slick looking print heads. Started by removing any screw stood in my way! The nozzle was out and in less than 10 seconds in under a minute the linear slide was revealed. It runs unworldly smooth with no play at all!

Here is the official maintenance video from BNC3D Techonologies showing how easy it is to remove and replace the hotend

To Be Continued..
in the next episode we will take apart the X, Y motion system and extruders!

Emvio Engineering is now a reseller of all BCN3D products

It is with great pride that we bring to the UK market the products designed  BCN3D Technologies.

BCN3D Technologies started off as a project of Fundació CIM, which has more than 20 years of experience in Rapid Prototyping and knowledge transfer. The results have been impressive and that is why when we first came across the company, we were keen to collaborate with them

We will be keeping stock of as many of their products as our limited storage space allows but will be giving priority to the Sigma. As you may have seen in our earlier post, we were giddy with anticipation when the Sigma was released. In no time you will be able to browse our shop for all four of BCN3D printers:

BCN3D Sigma 3D printer

The BCN3D Sigma – The flag ship model that received the best quality award on 3Dhubs page for April

The BCN3D Lux – A SLA machine working with photoreactive resin allowing for fantastically fine layers and printing speed

The BCN3D Plus – A Prusa clone kit aimed at those wanting to build their own printers

The BCN3DR – Another kit but this time for a Delta printer

The BCN3D Ignis – a premium 100W CO2 laser cutter with honeycomb bed and a 900×650 working area

Emvio Engineering Nema 17 stepper motor damper installed

Damping the sound of stepper motors on 3D printers

Most of us that tinker with 3D printing have wondered how to reduce the groan and squeal of the stepper motors driving us nuts. Especially when long prints are involved! For a while now we have been using and selling our own vibration dampers that place a rubber buffer between the stepper and the printers frame. The rubber is thin and stiff enough to maintain accuracy of the stepper motor while reducing the vibrations being transmitted to the body of the printer. (more…)