Introducing A New Partnership – NEMATX


Introducing A New Partnership – NEMATX

NEMATX sets new standards in polymer 3D printing.

We’re delighted to be working with Swiss extrusion 3D printing company NEMATX, who recently launched their new NEX 01 liquid crystal polymer 3D printer at Formnext 2022.

This impressive machine, with temperature resistant, extremely strong 3D printable LCP materials, will give some of the more established materials, like PEEK and Ultem a run for their money!

NEMATX have developed a super precise, lightening fast printer made on a base of natural Granite. With the stability of the hardest rocks, layer heights of 0.01mm are feasible.

The NEX 01 combines manufacturing precision with part performance in an industrial 3D printing platform designed for high throughput production with maximum process control;

  • High accuracy filaments:1.75 ± 0.02 mm1.00 ± 0.01 mm
  • Linear motor axis:1 μm accuracy2 m/s max. speed100 m/s2 acceleration
  • Full process visibility & monitoring
  • 2-4 print heads
  • Extrusion temperature up to 450°C
  • Print bed up to 200°C,10 μm flatness
  • PLC-based motion controller
nematx nex01

LCP – 10x stronger than PEEK and 250 degrees celsius heat resistance.

Benefits of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) 3D printing;


Industrial Applications

  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Vacuum & Chemical
  • Precision Mechanics
  • Space & Aerospace
  • Medical & Healthcare
nematx 3d LCP 3d printing
nematx 3d LCP 3d printing
nematx 3d LCP 3d printing

High performance polymer parts are in high demand, but existing production methods have their limits.

NEX 01 – High precision 3D printing platform

  • Industrial manufacturing solution
  • High accuracy motion control system
  • Micron-resolution slicing algorithms
  • Precise control of extrusion volume
  • Fully integrated process monitoring
  • Quick build plate exchange system
  • Maximum production throughput
  • Fully recyclable and reprocess-able materials


For those looking to prototype or run small to medium batch production, where absolute precision is a must – NEMATX have the answer!

Ask us about 3D printing your projects with NEMATX.

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