Bondtech QR 3.0 mm Universal DualDrive extruder

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For professionals and demanding hobbyists alike, the Bondtech QR 3.0 mm DualDrive extruder is the one of the best upgrades you can do to your printer. No more underextrusion due to slipping filament! This one is for the machines that work with 2.8-3 mm filament (we also have ones for the 1.75 mm filaments too).

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The Bondtech QR 3.0 DualDrive extruder for 3.0 mm filament gives you the markets highest performance, precision and reliability with its DualDrive gear system.

We have both left and right handed versions in stock so you can even use them on the BCN3D Sigma. Any dual extrusion setup can thus benefit from the Bondtech.

Changing  filament is a breeze with the new lever system while the spring-loaded secondary drive gear adapts to filament variations and optimal pressure can be adjusted to match your preferences.

The gear system is custom made for the QR and every gear is harded to ensure long and reliable service, even when using the most abrasive of filaments.

Super sharp drive gear teeth’s grips the filament from both sides that gives very high available feeding force to ensure uninterrupted material flow to avoid under extrusions. Filament grinding and slippage is now a thing of the past.

In true 3D printing style, the housings are made professionally in nylon with the SLS (SelectiveLaserSintring) for strength and precision and inserts are used to ensure threads are as strong as possible.

Always use metric sized PTFE tubing for best performance.


Each unit comes assembled, tested and verified for optimal performance by the manufacturer prior to shipping.

We recommended a motor current setting: 1.2A
E-steps setting: 492.45 steps/mm


A link to a downloadable installation guide of the Bondtech QR 3.0is given upon purchase.

Please note: the extruders are delivered without a specific mount to keep costs down. You can either order a complete mount or download the stl-file and print one yourself

Included cable with quick-connectors, length 700 mm, as default equipped with a 2510 connector,  we do however carry cables with XH4 and Dupont connectors

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

3mm Right Handed, 3mm Left Handed


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