EMV-25VBB Hobby Milling machine, Reliable and Well Specified


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Presenting the extremely capable Emvio MachineTools EMV-25VBB Hobby Milling machine ! Silent, compact with loads of travel and of course compatible with our quick change tooling! Since 2016, we cannot get enough of them. This hobby mill machine is a perfect hobby mill and also a fantastic base for a CNC conversion.


Our very own brand of machine tools. We revealed this EMV-25VBB Hobby mill to the public at the 2016 Bristol Model Engineering Exhibition and they drew massive interest.

Since then we have place these little mills in garages as well as larger companies that do “secret” stuff. So although we do class it as a Hobby Milling Machine, it can actually work fine in a more demanding environment.

Why not give us a call to chat about them and see if they suit your needs? We have used them ourselves so know them pretty well. This could be the hobby mill for you.

We do also keep spare on hand should you need them!


Here are some quotes from people actually seeing these in the flesh:

The base on this machine seems so much sturdier than the one I bought from **********.

Finally, someone put a wiring diagram on the machine….

Are these CNC?

Delivery is included in the price…you sure?


Table Size 700x180mm
Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) 470mm
Cross Travel (Y-Axis) 185mm
Vertical Travel (Z-Axis) 380mm
Table T-Slot Size 12mm
Spindle Speeds 0-2900rpm (2 speed)
Spindle Taper R8 (of course!)
Drive mechanism Belt drive…so silent
Drilling Capacity 25mm Drilling Capacity (Low Range)
End Milling Capacity 16mm
Face Milling Capacity 50mm
Slideway Types Dovetails
Quill Travel/ Diameter 45mm/60mm
Throat Depth (max.) 185mm
Tilting Head (Left ~ Right) 90°
Motor Power 750w Brushless DC (1HP!!!)
Voltage required 240V – 13amp plug

Standard Accessories:

Toolbox ( standard tools required to operate)
1-13mm Chuck and R8 arbor
Digital readout on quill

Optional Accessories:

Table X axis auto feed
Machine Vice
QTC tooling package
Digital readout (X,Y,Z) – Available now!
Base and oil tray

What our Customers say

Very proud of the reception of these machines in the UK and Europe. Some of our machines have gone as far as Lithuania and Latvia. We even have requests to ship to Asia come through too!

Have a look at the review tab of this page to see some more in depth testimonials too.

Great service,promptly delivered on time.
well packaged. Great machine, perfect for small jobs. would recommend this company. Tooling for the machine is perfect.

Barry H.

I could not fault the friendly service. The machine is performing to specifications great fun. small issues were easily dealt with. Look forward to the time I can purchase a mill to go with it. Thanks from Jeff good value for the money.

Jeff N.

Excellent machine, very good quality, highly recommended

Colin J.

Have a look at the review tab of this page to see some more in depth testimonials too.

The safest way to lift?

A big concern with the EMV-25VBB and EMV-25VBBDRO is how one would lift it to get it on the bench or stand. Please do not take it apart as this could affect accuracy later on. Instead follow the instruction in our video or give us a call.

Additional information

Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 80 cm

5 reviews for EMV-25VBB Hobby Milling machine, Reliable and Well Specified

  1. 5 out of 5

    Lee Roebuck

    Ok so I was looking for my first lathe and mill for my own little workshop, and was finding machines were either too large and 3 phase or too small and a bit christmas crackery, then I ended up here. I took a gamble and bought one of these mills and if you happen to be in the same position, feel free to relax….. this machine is very sturdy, all the handles, bed, head and everything are solid with nice smooth actions and feel the real deal. The spindle will run up to top speed without vibration issues or wobble of the machine and everything is as you would want it to be. for a single phase mill, you can’t go wrong here at all for this price, i’m more than happy to give it the thumbs up.

    Also worth mentioning is that I love these guys. I have called these guys when they are out of the country and they still answer my questions and bend over backwards to assist me. Gents through and through.

    Metal Monastery

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Martin Hoolachan (verified owner)

    I previously owned a Warco WM14 bench mill which I converted to CNC using a Centroid Acorn controller, this worked well but the mill was just too small, so I wanted something bigger as the Y axis travel was only 100mm! There were three specifications I had in mind that were essential for the replacement mill, the 1st being Z column should be flange mounted to the based for greater rigidity, the 2nd was belt drive spindle and the 3rd that the spindle be R8 and not morse taper.
    Only one machine ticked all these boxes and some, that being the Precision Matthews PM25. Unfortunately, this machine isn’t readily available here in the UK, or so I thought. Whilst browsing the internet I then came across the EMV25-VBB hobby mill and visited the EMVIO Engineering website, this machine is essentially the similar to the Precision Matthews PM25 but in better colours. Sadly, the machine was out of stock, but at least now knew that it was available in the UK so I registered to be notified when it would be back in stock.
    April 2021 I was informed of its future availability, so I immediately placed my order. Within minutes of placing the order George, the MD of EMVIO Engineering phoned just to confirm that the machine was still being shipped and I would not receive it until early July. During this conversation I was also offered the additional purchase of a CNC conversion kit, specifically designed for this machine which was a straight bolt on with no additional machining, so I took him up on the offer as the mill purchase was intended for CNC use.
    George kept me regularly updated as to the shipping of the mill and early July 2021 my EMV25-VBB was delivered. The CNC conversion kit was delivered early June 2021. The build quality of the mill is excellent, and the belt drive spindle is so quiet even at max speed which is 3000rpm in high range.
    I immediately began the CNC conversion. The CNC kit supplied was made to the specifications of my NEMA 23 stepper motors I had from my previous WM14 project. The CNC kit is exceptional, the quality is outstanding, and the black anodise finish is superb. The items are clearly labelled and includes all fasteners, bearings, pulleys and drive belts. There are no instructions provided with the kit, and when I did have a query, I emailed George who immediately phoned within minutes to provide answers and support. The aftersales support is exemplary and never too much trouble.
    I have now been using the EMV25-VBB as a CNC mill for 5 months and from a hobbyist point of view it is robust, very accurate and quiet with the bonus of excellent aftersales support from EMVIO Engineering.

    Image #1 from Martin Hoolachan
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  3. 5 out of 5

    Barry H. (verified owner)

    Great service,promptly delivered on time.
    well packaged. Great machine, perfect for small jobs. would recommend this company. Tooling for the machine is perfect.

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    • George (store manager)

      Barry, you are most welcome! Thank you for your purchase and your time writing your review.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Paul (verified owner)

    Fantastic bit of kit really pleased, great service and communication with George, can’t fault it

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    • George (store manager)

      Thank you for the kind review Paul. May you have loads of fun!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Allan (verified owner)

    Excellent service no problem’s and very help full, I would definitely order from EMVIO Engineering again.

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