Small milling machine R8 Spindle Cartridge


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So you bought a Warco, Amadeal, Optimum or other machine and found the Morse Taper spindle limiting? Worry not, Emvio Engineering have you covered! Swap out your spindle cartridge for our Small milling machine R8 Spindle Cartridge and benefit from less drawbar hammering.
Extra benefit, you can now use out quick change TTS type tooling system too.

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As most benchtop milling machines are similar in build, our Small milling machine R8 Spindle Cartridge may well suit yours.

Spindle cartridges come complete with drawbar for R8 tooling.

Have been successfully installed in Optimum and Warco machines of similar size to our EMV-25VBB and EMV-25VBDRO

Some modification to length may be needed if your machine has a gear head and not the belt drive.

Get in touch with us for more information on dimensions etc.

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