New 3D Product Alert!

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New 3D Product Alert!

We’re delighted to welcome the Calibry Mini 3D Scanner to our range.

Calibry Mini is a hand-held 3D scanner designed to digitise small objects. Blue LED lights ensure high quality of captured data and built-in touchscreen makes scanning easier. The device is lightweight, dependable, and simple to learn.

When we first got our hands on this, we were scanning away and getting very good results within 4 hours. Of course the training provided by Thor3D helped. So we now offer the same training to all our users!

As the Calibry Mini is designed to take a large amount of very detailed data, it is great for the smaller components. Something for example that would fit on your desk. If you are looking to scan larger areas, such as car body panels, motorbike fairings or even full boats, then maybe the Calibry would suit your needs better. For more info get in touch!

Convenient And Easy Scanning Of Small Objects

Calibry mini has three scanning modes (texture, geometry, and markers), which enables the user to scan almost any object within the scanner’s field of view. See product listing for more info here.

Medical Staff

The Mini quickly captures the complex human anatomy. In plastic and maxillofacial surgery, it is used to digitise the ears, lips, and nose. Orthopedic and prosthetic specialists use the Mini to scan hands and feet to create custom-made prostheses, implants, and other corrective devices.

Schools and Universities

The scanner comes with unlimited licenses for Calibry Nest software, making it a great solution for schools on a budget. By investing in one device, you can install the software on every computer in the classroom. Students can get hands-on experience with the Mini during class, then work with the collected 3D data at their own pace during office hours or at home.

Museums and Archaeologists

Want to create a 3D virtual museum? Or are you going to an archaeological site to dig up dinosaur bones? The Mini will digitize artifacts in full color and is easy to take on a plane.

Take a closer look below…

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