Canyon Prints 3D Bicycle Parts

big rep 3d printer

Canyon Prints 3D Bicycle Parts

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Canyon uses BigRep ONE large-format 3D Printers to iterate, optimise, and prototype new bicycle designs faster than ever. In this video you can see why Canyon chose to use a BigRep ONE.

Johannes Thumm, Senior Design Engineer at Canyon said; “We started a very exciting new project, where we wanted to rethink the way a mountain bikes needs to look.”

He continued; “Thinking beyond the limits of traditional manufacturing and trying to see what’s possible with new technologies like 3D printing.”

“The advantage of having a large scale 3D printer in-house is we can just print our cd files to get the real part in the real scale, this saves a lot of time and cost.”

Producing prototypes quickly and cost-efficiently opens up new development and design possibilities for innovators like Canyon. BigRep’s large-scale 3D printing technology enables more iterations to be manufactured simply and quickly, without increasing costs.

When it comes to printing big, the award winning BigRep ONE is the go to industrial solution. With a true build volume of 1m3 3D printing can take on a totally new dimension. Making the BigRep ONE v3 one of the fastest large-scale 3D printers on the market.

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